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Born with a Destiny


Born with a Destiny

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What I am sharing with you in this book is not just a message but a mandate from the Lord which was the product of a divine encounter
I had on the early morning of the 21st March 2013. The Holy Spirit provided an expanded verse of the mandate he gave me for ministry.
The Holy Spirit said: “THE PLACE (the ministry) SHALL BE FOR THE RECOVERY OF DESTINY AND EVERYONE IS BORN WITH A DESTINY.” Those last words cut fire in my heart …” EVERYONE IS BORN WITH A DESTINY.” They are the reason for this book. I want to explore biblical principles on how to discover and fulfil your God-given destiny.

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In my encounter with the Holy Spirit, he said to me “everyone is born with a destiny.” The Holy Spirit wants us to understand that everyone born of a woman is born with a destiny. No child came into this world without a destiny, no child came into this world empty or without a mandate on their life. When a child is born into a family, the people rejoice as a child is born, but God rejoices that someone with a destiny that will be made manifest soon is born. Everything is weak at its birth. The most beautiful baby ever born cannot live without protection, care, and constant attentiveness.