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Making the Right Choices

Making the Right Choices


If you don’t make a quality decision to be diligent with your studies in school, you already made a decision to be a failure in school, that was my experience when I was in primary and secondary education, but I had to make a right choice on my journey.

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My motivation for writing this book stems from seeing kids, teenage and adults making wrong choices particularly as it has to do with substance misuse and the consequences that followed those wrong choices are catastrophic in nature, I saw the need for this book more during my placement in my final year 2018 at the University of Leicester United Kingdom, in which we had to go to different schools to make presentations in primary and secondary schools within the borough of Kent England, on early intervention and making right choices, I was surprised to see kids already talking alcohol and teenage already experimenting with cannabis many doing this out of peer pressure and complete ignorance of the consequences of their choice and as we made these presentations I saw how ignorant those kids were about the harmful effects of these substance, some of them think these substance is just another piece of candy and something they do just to fit in and to accepted among friends and lives are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.